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A Big Bass Record Club member gets closer to $8 Million Dollar Bass

A Big Bass Record Club member gets closer to $8 Million Dollar Bass

Jed Dickerson a member of The Big Bass Record Club from Carlsbad, California had an amazing catch out on Lake Dixon. Jed landed himself a 21.70 pound largemouth bass breaking the Lake Dixon record set back in 2001 by Mike Long. This bass is also the fourth heaviest bass ever caught in the world. Jedís catch was just shy of a pound away from being the $8 million dollar bass.

Lake Dixon is home to some of the largest bass fish in the country. Before Dickersonís catch the lakes record stood at 20.12 pounds, caught by Mike Long in April of 2001. Before that there were five bass all weighing in at over 16 pounds caught during the spring of 2001.

Bass arenít the only fish that call Lake Dixon home, Lake Dixon is also known for its trout. Trout are one of Bassís favorite meals, and are also very fattening, so itís easy to understand why Lake Dixon is stocked with such large bass.

So with this knowledge of bass in Lake Dixon I suggest that those Big Bass Record Club members who are on the hunt for the $8 Million Dollar Bass head to Escondido, California, sheís out there somewhere just waiting to be caught.

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