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Bight Fishing Products / BIGHT KICKER JIGS

Bight Fishing Products / BIGHT KICKER JIGS

Bight Fishing Products has developed a new line of fishing lures, Bight Kicker Jigs. The Jigs were designed to emulate an active baitfish and the swimming action is described as rhythmic with an erratic darting motion.

Bight Kicker Jigs are going to be one of the best swimming and most productive metal lures available, says Don Baker President/Founder. Bight Kicker Jigs are easily distinguished by their textured finish. The textured finish is extremely durable and it gives the lure a scaly appearance.

The product is manufactured in 2 sizes, Bight Kicker 15 and Bight Kicker 25. Each size is manufactured in 2 different weights which makes the product line available in 4 unique models. The 4 models are Bight KICKER 25 - 6 1/2, 2.5 oz., Bight KICKER 25-Heavy - 6 1/2, 6.5 oz., Bight KICKER 15 - 5 1/4, 1.75 oz. and Bight KICKER 15-Heavy - 5 1/4, 4 oz.

The jigs are available in proven color patterns. All of the color patterns were developed from several years of research on different baitfish . Don Baker says, baitfish have a tendency to vary in coloration, which is due to several factors. For example, water color and/or time of day can change the coloration of baitfish.

Therefore, the colors of the lures were manufactured to represent several different types of baitfish and their coloration changes within different environments. Kicker Jigs will be available in retail locations in Spring of 1998.

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