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Expert Tips For Offshore Fishing With C-Mapnt Electronic Charts

Expert Tips For Offshore Fishing With C-Mapnt Electronic Charts

In many ways, offshore fishing is a lot like hunting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re after billfish, tuna, dolphin or shark, the ground rules are the same: There’s a whole lot of open water out there and only a small fraction of it is likely to have what you’re looking for.

Before you can even have a chance to catch your prey, you have to find it first. And once you do pinpoint a life zone, you need to optimize your plan of attack to present your baits or lures while the feed is still on.

Fortunately, today’s anglers have an arsenal of advanced electronics at their disposal to help level the playing field. Expert offshore anglers use state-of-the-art electronic charting systems with high-detail C-MAPNT vector-based electronic charts to find and catch more fish.

Here are some tips from the experts on fishing with C-MAP electronic charts. Perhaps you can adapt some of these to your style of fishing, and put them to use the next time you head offshore:

Fine-Tune Your Drift Patterns. Captain John Raguso, professional New York-based charter skipper and magazine editor, is noted for getting his customers on big mako sharks. I use my C-MAP electronic charts to see how my boat is drifting in real time and make subtle changes based on the effects of wind, tide and current, said Raguso.

I can relate my boat’s movement to the 20-30 Fathom Fingers on my charts and if need be, reposition the boat, power drift or do whatever I have to, to put myself where I think the fish are, he added.

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