Biodegradable Fishing Line
Environmentally-Friendly Biodegradable Fishing Line

Environmentally-Friendly Biodegradable Fishing Line

Toray Industries, Inc. has developed a new series of environmentally-friendly biodegradable fishing lines, and will begin selling them at fishing-tackle shops nationwide under the brand name FieldMate. The new lines will be available in three grades: 8-LB, 10-LB, and 12-LB lines, all wound on 100m spools. FieldMate fishing line is made of biodegradable polymer and decomposes through the enzymatic reactions of naturally occurring microorganisms before eventually being reduced to water and carbon dioxide. The company succeeded in upgrading strength, durability, and other properties of polymer by employing Toray's unique yarn-making technology.

Admittedly, the performance of this new product may be affected if left in sea or fresh water for prolonged periods of time, where biodegradation would take place due to the constant presence of microorganisms. Performance is not affected by biodegradation if the fishing line is stored in a dry place or rinsed with tap water immediately after it is used.

Sport fishing has become a major pastime enjoyed by 20 million people in Japan due in part to the increasingly popular outdoor sports boom and because fishing is one activity that may be enjoyed by all family members at affordable costs. More recently, the attitude of fishing enthusiasts has changed from catching fish to enjoying nature, resulting from a heightened awareness of environmental issues. Regardless, poorer water quality and the destruction of nature as well as injuries to water birds by discarded fishing lines have become serious social problems.

To cope with these problems, Toray has long promoted a wide variety of environmental protection campaigns under the slogan Protect nature by improving anglers' manner. In several fishing competitions sponsored by the company, Toray often challenges participants to collect garbage that is scattered along the shoreline. Toray will continue to develop environmentally friendly products in the future, while encouraging anglers to work to protect the environment.

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