All you need in hip waders, vests & hats for fishermen

All you need in hip waders, vests & hats for fishermen


Boots are boots, right? Maybe not, if you are an avid fisherman you will know about the wide range of boots you can purchase to keep your feet cozy, warm and dry while casting about for your supper. You will appreciate the choices in hip waders, calf height boots or chest waders as well as vests & hats. You can purchase fishing waders with deluxe adjustable padded suspenders with quick release buckles. Some have a hand-warmer pocket with a flap to keep the rain and splashes out. Padded knees on some will extend the waders life and give you more comfort. They may have D-rings to attach additional equipment so everything you need is close at hand.

Your fishing waders should have well fitting ankle boots with insulation and rugged soles to keep you on your feet. Your boots may be made of neoprene or PVC fabric with waterproof seams. Make sure you have a repair kit with you when you head out fishing. Your hip waders should have durable double knees, be fully lined for comfort and sport an adjustable knee harness and belt strap. Why not get a wader hanger to keep your waders dry and ready for your next adventure in the stream or lake. Fishing vests and hats should also be at the top of your list.

You will find great sites for your vests & hats, hip waders, chest-fishing waders and fishing supply catalogues online. Shop with ease from home and you’ll be out fishing for bass, salmon, trout, carp, steelhead, or brook trout in no time at all.

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